Lash Services

Classic eyelash extension

A method where 1 synthetics lash is glued to 1 natural lash (1:1). It`s the perfect choice for those who have a lot of lashes but need more curling or for it to be free from mascara.
We suggest getting a refill every two to three weeks to maintain a full look.

Classic Extension full set 90 minute


Refill* 2-3 weeks from


Volume eyelash extension

Volume eyelashes are the lightest and most spectacular lash extensions you have seen so far. These multiple lashes do not weigh down the natural lash or damage the follicle.
Volume lash is an advanced technique to apply multiple lash extensions from 2D to 6D and more (6 lashes per one natural lash) and should not appear clumpy at the base or look like cluster lashes. Volume lashes gives customers a fluffier and fuller look.

Are Volume eyelash extensions too heavy for our natural lashes?
No, because the weight of the volume eyelash extensions balances on the natural lash. So there is less weight at individual points. It`s perfect for clients who don`t have a lot of lashes, have sparse or weak lashes.

Volume Extension full set 150 min


Refill* 2-3 weeks from


Hybrid eyelash extension

This method is mix of volume and classic lash extension.

Hybrid Extension full set. 120 min.


Refill* 2-3 weeks from


Mega volume & color lash eyelash extension

Its extra volume lashes. Lots of lashes!

Mega Volume – Color lash full set. 180 min


Refill* 2-3 weeks from


Lash Lift & Brows Lift

Lash lift is only done on natural lashes. It is recommended for those that have straight, and downward looking lashes. Lash lift curls them and the clients can use non waterproof mascara.

Lash lift 1hr.


Brows lift.


Lash removal 20-30 min


* Any refill after 4 weeks is considered a full set
**please do not wear any eye makeup or even any cream to your eyes before your eyelash service.

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