At Danick Beauty Bar, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the look they are seeking. Request a consultation with one of our experienced members to determine the best path towards the look you wish to achieve. Whether you are looking for a makeover, a subtle change, or a particular look for a special occasion, we are ready to put our skills and knowledge to the test. We offer a variety of products suited to various skin types and tones.

Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way, and we love to highlight that beauty for any event. We understand that clients have individual tastes and have an idea of the look they would like to achieve. From a natural sun-kissed glow, to the smokey-eyed evening look, and everything in between, we want to ensure that you leave loving the way you look. We use only the highest quality cosmetic products and offer a range for people with sensitive skin. We maintain strict standards of sanitation and hygiene to ensure our clients’ safety.

For clients looking to change their look, or who are just starting to use cosmetic products, or for those who are noticing changes to their skin and would like help addressing their skin concerns, we offer consultation and tutorial services. During the appointment, we determine the best products you can use to achieve the results you are looking for, show you the correct order in which to use the products, and demonstrate the proper method of application. Contact us for more information.

Full face makeup


Eye makeup


Bridal parties can contact us for customized packages.

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